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our philosophy of design

“Home is the one place on earth through which the world was meant to experience you.”

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Our Services

our services







Nashville is one of the hottest housing markets in the country, bringing us opportunities to work with some of the best builders and architects in the area to create home designs ranging in style from mid-century modern to french chateau, and everything in between.

Armed with over a decade of residential design and project management experience, we provide our clients, whether they be builders, investors or home owners with a world class design experience that begins with our 2 hour design consultation, which includes: 

- A throughout review of house plans or site visit

- Assess the project scope and wish list

- Present a comprehensive breakdown of our services, design process and fee structure


We then collect a project retainer determined by the project scope, and work begins.  


Our team specializes in selecting all the finishes from lighting, plumbing, tile and appliances, to cabinetry, hardware, trim and paint. We work closely with our builders, home owners and trade professionals through each phase of the project.

Contact us today to learn more about our design build consultation and services. 

Consultation Fee:



At Harbinger House, we believe your space should tell your story. So naturally, our full-service design process begins with listening. This takes shape in the form of a two-hour design consultation in which we cover:

- Your entire project wish list

- A comprehensive explanation of our design process

- A clear path forward that you can either execute yourself or hire us to execute with you

Our time-tested design process breaks down into three comprehensive phases that we walk you through from start to finish. As we journey into creating your spaces, our design team will work to incorporate the finishes, fabric selections, furnishings, art, rugs and decor that capture all the elements that matter most to you.

Our team will oversee every detail of the design implementation, working to help you create a space that captures your truest sense of home.


Consultation Fee:





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About us

about us

Harbinger House is a Nashville-based boutique interiors firm created by owner and designer, Erin Leaverton. 

Erin launched her design career in 2012, working with residential clients in the Dallas area. In 2018 Erin took a year off to travel across America with her husband and three kids by RV. That transformative year helped Erin discover the true meaning of home and infused her designs with an eclectic mix from her travels. 


Harbinger House exists to create spaces that welcome creativity, authenticity, rest and connection, whether it be designing a new build or renovating an older home.


Erin's world class design team combines years of expertise in curating high end, well-appointed interiors to give her clients confidence through every phase of their project.

Drop us a line to schedule a consultation! 

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